Hi!  I'm Denise.  I am a little obsessed about taking photographs. And it's not just about catching a cute moment.  Yes, I love those too, and I photograph them, but I also try to capture something a little bit different...  

I love capturing what I feel when I see it.  

Every day when I'm out and about, I am amazed by the beauty that surrounds me.  The life, the light, the colors, the emotions, the stories... I could stare at light and shadows all day long!  I've also been known to stare at marble so long that I see faces within its veins, or animals, or even movement.  

You see, I see more than just a pretty picture.  I hear its story...  And I feel it.  

My hope is that when I capture what I see, that you can feel it too.  

Color is very important to me, not only in my photography, but in all aspects of my life.  When asked what my favorite color is, I typically answer that I don't have one.  I have favorites depending on the subject matter... clothing vs. decorating vs. art.  I try to use color purposefully in my photography as well.  

I am a Click Pro at Click and Company.  I participate in its Daily Project, and I am a Click Pro Daily Project Daily of the Week Winner.  I also run the Grace Project 365 on Facebook.    

I currently live in New York with my husband and two children.  We separate our time between city, suburbia and beach, and I love each for different reasons.  I also love summer and everything it stands for... even the ice cream... especially the ice cream!  

Thank you for visiting!  Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Denise Laurinaitis Grace Defined Photography