It's August, and August is sunny and warm in the Northern Hemisphere, and it screams summer, and in my mind, what better color to photograph than the color Yellow!

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge Denise Laurinaitis Yellow

Yellow is the color of sunshine, hope and happiness.  It represents energy, positivity and optimism.  It is intellectual, honorable, loyal and joyful.  The meaning of the color yellow can be warmth, cheerfulness and increased activity.  Yellow helps with increasing memory, so you might find yourself remembering things more this month as you search for it!  Yellow encourages communication, enhances vision and builds confidence.  It also stimulates the nervous system.  Because of this, babies might cry more in nurseries that are painted yellow.  

Let's share lots of yellow images and make August happy!

Please remember to post your collages to the appropriate album no later than August 31, 2018.  The album is located here:  August 2018.

I'm looking forward to another great month!

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