Welcome to the Grace Project Blog!  2017 is going to be an exciting year for the Grace Project 365 as I will be sharing my work and the participants' work right here on this website.  

During 2016, many members of the group asked that the weekly themes be instructional in nature.  We had a mix of instruction and creativity, and the themes were well received.  I found that the Facebook platform made it difficult to give instructions, combined with images, that the members could review at a later date.  I created this blog for that reason.

Each month, I will post an instructional post.  The month will have an overall theme, and it will be broken down further into subtopics.  In the post, I will do my best to give instructions and examples via images.  Then in the Facebook group, there will be one album for each subtopic.  Participants will have one month to practice and shoot the subtopics.  Images are due by the month's end.  Participants will post their two images to the applicable Facebook album and then comment on their images with camera settings, SOOC and the link to their website.  Throughout the month, all members should like their favorite images in those albums.  

At the beginning of the next month, I will select the favorites of the group and any other images I find deserve a second look.  Those images will be posted here on the blog for everyone to see!  (If you'd prefer NOT to be included on the website, please note that in your comments by indicating so.)  I will also share that set of images in the group whereby members will have 24 hours to vote for their one favorite for each subtopic.  The image with the most likes for each subtopic will be the group cover photo for one week.  So, for example, the winner of subtopic 1/52 will have the cover photo for Week 5, winner of subtopic 2/52 will have the cover photo for Week 6, winner of subtopic 3/52 will have the cover photo for Week 7, etc.

My hope is that by having a full month to explore the themes and subtopics, members can practice and really perfect the topics at hand.  Images posted to the albums therefore will be their best work, and everyone should grow as photographers by the month's end.

As was the case in 2016, the daily aspect of the Grace Project 365 will remain the same.  For those shooting daily who would like to share their work, be sure to upload your images directly to your own album, labeled with your name, and then comment on the images with camera settings and SOOC, if possible.  

My project 365 this year will be less emphasis on the date and more an emphasis on my strongest 365 images. I will continue to shoot as often as possible, but I found this past year that on some days, I may have taken four very different images that were strong that I loved, and I was forced to pick just one, and then other days, I found my images to be boring and I was forced to use one. For 2017, I won't limit myself to the date and I will welcome the inspiration when it comes and I will embrace it, regardless of the date.  You can choose to do your project 365 whichever way it works best for you. 

To join in on the fun, please visit us at The Grace Project.  

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season filled with peace, happiness, good health, and love... and lots of inspiration!  Just a few more days until 2017!

And because every introduction needs an image, here is a recent favorite.