Happy Monday!  I'm here with my second Macro Monday post, and today I have a little story.  I usually purchase my own flowers when I plan to shoot macro indoors.  I want to see the flowers in person, pick colors and shapes and see what I'm in the mood to photograph.  Recently, however, my family and I were away, and my husband was out running errands.  I was in the mood to shoot macro, so I asked him to bring home a bouquet of mixed flowers.  I gave specific instructions to get a variety of different flowers.  It didn't matter what they were; the only requirement was that they be different. Two hours later, he walked inside and exclaimed "I have a surprise!  I brought you flowers!"  Surprise?  Not really, until I looked.  He brought me two big bouquets of spider mums.  No variety other than in color (white and purple).  It was a big surprise given my detailed instructions!  I needed to turn the situation around... I looked at the bouquet again and decided to conquer it.  

And now for some fun news!  It's Week 2 here of my Macro Monday Blog, and I'm thrilled to share the work of a talented macro photographer, Tiffany Kelly!  Please do visit her here to see her gorgeous share this week.