Happy Macro Monday!  I saw this hydrangea in a pocket of light while out walking with my family.  My husband had my son, and my daughter was supposed to be waiting for me as I climbed a steep hill to take this picture.  As I reached the top of the hill, I called back to my daughter to wait for me, as she was approaching a set of about 5 stairs that I knew she wouldn't be able to carry her bike down by herself.  I snapped this image, and then I heard a scream.  She had fallen down off the stairs and the bike was on top of her.  Fortunately she wasn't hurt, but the poison ivy underneath her was probably more upsetting than the fall!  

What did I learn?  Next time tell my daughter to stop and wait before I climb the hill.  And always, always, wash yourself well after touching poison ivy.  You can completely avoid getting it, just like my daughter avoided it that day.

Denise Laurinaitis Grace Defined Photography Macro Monday