In September, we photography Places.  In particular, we photographed what the word "Home" means to us.  We had varied images, and the Secret Picker highlighted Audrey Jorgensen!

Grace Project 365 September Home Winner Audrey Jorgensen

The Secret Picker said:  "The couple's pose is so natural and relaxed.  The setting is magnificent and the colors are lovely.  I initially read the caption as "He will always be my home."  which really tugged at my heartstrings. The soft lighting from the right is very pretty and the photographer's effort is admirable because self-portraits are challenging, and so is working outdoors completely in the elements!"  Beautiful setting, Audrey, and good for you for accomplishing an outdoor self-portrait!

Two more images to highlight what Home means for two members are the following...

Grace Project 365 September Home Mary Becker Johnson

by Mary Becker Johnson.
Mary C Johnson Photography

Here we get a sense of where Mary lives and the season.  It's warm and sunny, and Mary's drink tells us that she is in Minnesota, likely in her backyard.  We see that Mary is working on a crossword puzzle, adding to the story of the sense of place and who Mary is.  

Grace Project 365 September Home Randi Brown Jacobs

by Randi Brown Jacobs.

What a gorgeous view out of Randi's window.  We see the setting sun, telling us that we are facing west in San Francisco with the wonderful buildings across the street.  The window is open, and we can almost feel the cool breeze passing through.

Great interpretations of the theme!