In May, we worked on creating creative Out of Focus images.  We learned that sometimes having the image out of focus actually creates a more interesting image... if it's done intentionally.  Rather than have a cover photo competition, we had a "secret picker" decide on his or her favorite and the winner was... Juliana Leschinsky!

The secret picker indicated "I loved Juliana Leschinsky's spinning wheel of scissors. It showed such creativity and the longer shutter speed created a kaleidoscope of color and blur for a wonderfully OOF image!"  You can find more of Juliana's work at Juliana Leschinsky Photography.  Congratulations Juliana!

There were so many wonderful entries.  Here are a few more favorites!

by Christine Wright.
Greenscapes Photography

Christine's image gives the viewer a warm, fuzzy feeling, as if a memory of a warm summer day.

by Randi Brown Jacobs.

Randi's image gives the viewer a feeling of nostalgia, of stormy beach days waiting for the storm to arrive.

by Kathy Davis Linford.
Linford Photography

The colors in Kathy's image are exquisite and create an artful, beautiful image where we almost can see a pop of shine on the iris petal created by the out of focus effect.

Beautiful work everyone!