Motion.  There are so many ways to capture it.  There are also ways to create it.  This month, we will be exploring:  slow shutter, shutter painting, panning and freeze motion.


A slow shutter is fun to use in order to show motion.  I gravitate toward this often.  

It can add mystery to an image.

It can add emotion.

In the above image, the slow shutter emphasizes the moving cars to and from, and the viewer is stuck, stagnant, behind the grate.  Together, it creates a feeling of being trapped, of confinement, of being stuck.

A slow shutter can also be used to show the trail of car lights.


Have I mentioned before how much I love to shutter paint?  

To shutter paint, I generally set my shutter slow, and my aperture small (large f/stop).  I then move the camera while the shutter is open - left to right, up to down, etc.  It is a creative way to show motion, create motion, or just a fun effect on an image.  

Often, my subject is a still object, but as you see from the above and below images, you can shutter paint with moving subjects as well.  

11/52 - PANNING

Panning is similar to shutter painting.  You move the camera while your shutter is open.  But unlike shutter painting, you move the camera WITH your subject, timed to your subject's movement, so that your subject remains in focus and your background is out of focus.  I will be honest, I am not a master at panning.  Panning is great to do for sports images, a subject matter I do not photograph often.  


Freezing motion is accomplished through a fast shutter speed and a larger aperture.  Your subject remains in focus, and your background is in focus depending on the aperture you've chosen and your focal length.

As you will see, the above image is very different than the shutter painting image taken just minutes before.  Here, the subject is in focus, frozen in time (and motion) on the moving bicycle.  Had I panned, the background would look more similar to the shutter painting background (although not as blurred) and the subject would be in focus like she is here.


This week you can shoot anything you want.  Do you like to freelens?  shoot macro?  landscapes? documentary?  Anything goes!

I hope you found this information helpful.  Please remember to post your images to the appropriate albums on Facebook no later than March 31, 2017.  The albums are located here:  09/52 Slow Shutter, 10/52 Shutter Painting, 11/52 Panning, 12/52 Freeze Motion, 13/52 Photographer's Choice.

I look forward to seeing your work.

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