In June, we played with light and Starbursts and Soft Sunflares. We tried to get creative with it, and we used light to enhance our images in a creative way.  We learned that a small aperture creates a starburst, while a large aperture creates a soft sunflare.  We had so many wonderful entries for our secret picker to peruse.  The winner was Kathy Davis Linford!

The secret picker said:  ""This is a really powerful image in many ways. The starburst really brings out the intense energy of this sacred place. I like how this image is so wide yet so close up... you can really feel the danger at the edge."  I couldn't agree more.  We feel we are right there with Kathy, right at the edge, feeling the vastness and history and grandeur here.  Congratulations Kathy!  You can view more of Kathy's work at Linford Photography.

There were so many wonderful entries.  Here are two more to highlight...

by Kris Jones.

Kris used a wide aperture here to create a soft, warm sunlight on the grass and leaves.  We can feel the warmth of the sunny day right upon us.  

by Christine Wright.
Greenscapes Photography

Christines use of light here is gorgeous.  The light is actually the focal point of the image.  The water droplets and bokeh catch the light so beautifully, and we see a starburst, as well as softness all in the same image.  

Beautifully done, everyone!