In June we focused on Soft Light and Soft Shadows.  We learned that soft light gives a softer, almost more quiet, feel to an image.  We had so many wonderful entries.  The secret picker highlighted the image by Christine Wright!

The secret picker's thoughts: "What a beautiful carefree playful capture! The halo around the girl is angelic and the boy's slightly mischievous expression is so natural. It feels like they are playing hide and seek... he is running to hide and she is counting as she gazes at the flowers in the golden sunlight. A really fun summer image and impressive freelensing!"  You can find more of Christine's work at Greenscapes Photography.

Two other images to highlight are the following...

by Randi Brown Jacobs.

The light here creates a softness, which when paired with the shallow depth of field, makes for a dreamy image.  The water's waves are highlighted softly, making us think its calm, and the warm glow of the sunset tells us it's a warm summer evening seaside.  

by Michelle Wright.
Michelle Wright Photography

The soft light here created spectacular, deep rich colors.  The image is more a piece of art, where we can almost feel the touch of the wisps against the flower.  

Beautiful work, everyone!