In June, we searched and photographed Reflections.  We learned that depending on our angle, and the light, the reflection could be bigger or smaller.  Our secret picker chose the image by Michelle Wright as the winner!

In the secret picker's words: "This shot is beautifully composed with the most gorgeous light. I love that the reflection of the boy is so sharp and defined yet the clouds and ripple in the water add a layer of softness to the scene."  Great work, Michelle!  You can find more of Michelle's work at Michelle Wright Photography.

Two more reflections that were beautifully captured...

by Mary Becker Johnson.
Mary C. Johnson Photography

Mary's reflection is stunning.  We see the view of the city above, and then reflected below, creating a depth and vastness to the image that wouldn't have been obtained as much without that reflection.  The spoon and cherry are a fun touch! 


by Christine Wright.
Greenscapes Photography

Christine used the reflection to give us a little more of a hint of location.  However, we still can't see the little girl's face, creating an anonymity where we feel this could be anyone, even a memory of ourselves splashing in the lake.  

Beautiful work everyone!  

And with that, we are halfway through 2017!  Congratulations!