In July we photographed landscapes.  We learned that a small aperture would help us get most, if not all, of the scene in focus.  The secret picker was presented with many gorgeous places, and the winner was... Randi Brown Jacobs!

Grace Project July Landscape Winner Randi Brown Jacobs

The secret picker said: "I love the capture of the cool morning mists with just a kiss of sunlight on the foreground rocks. BEAUTIFUL!"  This image is so serene, and you can almost hear the movement in the water.  

We had so many wonderful entries.  Here are two more beauties...

Grace Project 365 July Landscape Kathy Linford

By Kathy Davis Linford.
Linford Photography

The perspective from this image is fabulous.  Kathy shot this from high above, and she still captured all those lines!.  We understand from looking at this image that the farmland is vast with soft rolling hills.   

Grace Project 365 July Landscape Michelle Wright

by Michelle Wright.
Michelle Wright Photography

This beach scene is superb.  We see down onto the ocean and shoreline, with mist covering much of the scene.  We can see people in the distance on this stormy day.  We can almost feel the wind hitting them.

Great job everyone!