In September, we photographed Places.  In fact, one of the topics was to photography our Favorite Place.  The submissions were all varied, and the Secret Picker chose Randi Brown Jacobs as the winner!

Grace Project 365 September Favorite Place Winner Randi Brown Jacobs

The Secret Picker said: "This beach location is so inviting.  I can almost feel my toes in the wet sand and hear the waves.  The soft colors enhance the relaxing feeling of the subject.  I love that there are people in the image to add a frame of reference as to the grand scale of the rocks. I like the smoothness of the water, achieved by the long 13-second exposure, and am impressed that there's no ghosting of the people.  The warm colors are even picked up by some of the rocks in the foreground.  Lastly, the heart cutout in the furthest rock adds an element of whimsy."  Randi, this is truly breathtaking.  Pure relaxation just looking at this!

Two additional images are being included to show how different everyone's favorite places are...

Grace Project 365 September Favorite Place Mary Becker Johnson

by Mary Becker Johnson.
Mary C Johnson Photography

Mary indicated that her true favorite place is an airplane ride away at the beach, but you'd never know that from this image.  Mary 's second favorite place is the woods, which is so different from beach but beautiful in a different way.  The foliage at the top left are in perfect focus and close the viewer, making us feel we can reach in and touch it.  The beautiful backlight along with all that perfect green tells us that's it's warm and a gorgeous day for a hike.  

Grace Project 365 September Favorite Place Michelle Wright

by Michelle Wright.
Michelle Wright Photography

Oh the light in Michelle's image is spectacular!  It is warm and inviting and we want to step into her garden to enjoy it.  No wonder why it's Michelle's favorite place!