In July we photographed Flowers.  We learned that light is a very important consideration when photographing them.  The secret picker was presented with so many wonderful images to choose from, and the winner was... Juliana Leschinsky!

Grace Project 365 July Winner Flower Juliana Leschinsky

The secret picker said:  "Just gorgeous. The dew drops, the sun peeking through and around - WOW. Nice depth of field, too!!! "  Sunflowers are such happy flowers.  Add that warm light, and this image gives us a warm, happy feeling.  Wonderful work, Juliana!  You can find more of Juliana's work at Juliana Leschinsky Photography.

As I mentioned earlier, there were so many wonderful entries.  Here are a couple more to enjoy...

Grace Project 365 July Flower Kathy Davis Linford

by Kathy Davis Linford
Linford Photography

The colors in this image are stunning!  They have a silky quality which makes me want to reach in and touch the flower.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Grace Project 365 July Flower Christine Wright

by Christine Wright
Greenscapes Photography

Christine took a different approach to the flower category and captured them as part of a scene. But here, they make the scene.  With some flowers blurred, we get the feeling that this field is large.  We see the little girl walking through the field of wildflowers, and we want to be right there with her to enjoy its splendor.  Absolutely beautiful location!