In July, we photographed water.  We learned that there are many ways to capture it, and group members got VERY creative.  The secret picker had so many wonderful entries to choose from, and the winner was... Terri Jankelow!

Grace Project 365 July Water Winner Terri Jankelow

In the secret picker's words:  "Everything about this image is sheer perfection...the colors, the depth of field, the bokeh - and the reflection of the flower IN the water drops? WOWZERS. I love this completely."  This image is absolutely stunning!  Congrats Terri!  You can find more of Terri's work at Terri J Photography.

Now for two other creative entries...

Grace Project 365 July Water Christine Wright

by Christine Wright.
Greenscapes Photography

Not just a splash, but a wave of fun!  Christine captured a playful summer moment in a creative way, so that we could see the entire splash as it happened.

Grace Project 365 July Water Kris Jones

by Kris Jones.

Kris captured the water droplets on this spiderweb with perfection!  The light is hitting the drops ever so right, and her choice of aperture was spot on, with many droplets in focus and then the gorgeous bokeh of those not in focus.  

It was a fun topic for sure!