In February, we focused on Light Direction.  One of the specific topics was Front Light.  We learned that Flat Front Light is the least dramatic light available, creating no shadows.  We also learned that it can create a softness of mood and it softens textures.  We had a cover photo competition in our Facebook group and the winner was...  Mary Becker Johnson!

Congratulations Mary!  The lighting on this orchid is just beautiful, highlighting all the water droplets.  

We had so many gorgeous entries for Front Light.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!  Below you can view all the finalists in this category of light.  

by Michelle Wright

Michelle Wright Photography

by Theresa Grant Frazier

by Kathy Davis Linford

The Midlife Momtographer

by Mindy Kowieski Kerr

Nature's Child Photography

by Jayshri Wadia

by Christine Wright

Greenscapes Photography

by Juliana Leschinsky

Juliana Leschinsky Photography