In July, we spent time photographing subject matter of our choice.  We had still life photographs, life style photographs, etc.  It was fun to see how varied everyone could get!  The secret picker picked the winner, and it was a very difficult choice.  Congrats to Christine Wright!

Grace Project 365 July Photographer's Choice Winner Christine Wright

The secret picker said: "First of all - freelensing a portrait? Kudos for awesomeness. Fantastically done and I love the sheer innocence of the image. No pretense... just a little girl with the cutest freckles ever having a good time."  Seriously!  I don't know how Christine does it, but she makes freelensing look so easy, and we all know that it's not!  You can view more of Christine's work at Greenscapes Photography.

Two other images to showcase...

Grace Project 365 Photographer's Choice Michelle Wright

by Michelle Wright.
Michelle Wright Photography

Michelle experimented this month.  Here she used a copper pipe and shot a macro lens through it, with gorgeous light and bokeh too.  Absolutely stunning, Michelle!  

Grace Project 365 Photographer's Choice Audrey Jorgensen

by Audrey Jorgensen

What a fun summer image!  We see the sunny blue sky in the reflection of the sunglasses sitting in the sand.  We see Audrey's reflection, and we can almost feel the warm wind blowing through her hair.  All of this together gives us a sense of time and place, and the starburst is a nice extra touch.  Happy summer for sure!

Wonderful work this month!