In August, we focused on Patterns in our photography.  We learned that a pattern can, in fact, create depth and interest in a photography.  There were very varied submissions, which was wonderful to see.  The Secret Picker chose Mindy Kowieski Kerr as the winner!

Grace Project 365 August Patterns Winner Mindy Kowieski Kerr

The Secret Picker said:  "This is a great image of the tiny repeating pattern in the fern frond. The detail captured is spectacular. The lines of the stems lead the eye in and totally through the image. Great example of the theme!"  As the secret picker indicated, Mindy included lines and patterns in this image, creating a very strong image!  You can find more of Mindy's work at Nature Child's Photography.

Two other images to highlight are more abstract.  

Grace Project 365 August Pattern Randi Brown Jacobs

by Randi Brown Jacobs.

Here Randi searched architectural elements to find a repeating pattern.  The neutral tones are perfect, focusing our attention on the shapes and lines, rather than colors.

Grace Project 365 August Patterns Kathy Davis Linford

by Kathy Davis Linford.
Linford Photography

In this image, Kathy created the pattern in post processing.  She took a photograph of a flower and modified it to create a pattern that she envisioned.  Unlike Randi's, this image is all about color and how it's been manipulated into an artful, unique pattern.

It was so wonderful to see such unique interpretations and that each of them worked perfectly.