In August we explored Color Contrast.  We learned that complimentary colors in the same image  create depth, and that cooler colors recede while warmer colors move forward.  The Secret Picker chose Kathy Davis Linford's image as the winner!

Grace Project 365 August Color Contrast Winner Kathy Davis Linford

The Secret Picker said:  "I love love LOVE the abstract nature of this image! The punch of colour contrasting against the starkness of the background is amazing and the wide aperture offers such a dreamy feel to the image. Gorgeous!"  You can find more of Kathy's work at Linford Photography.  You might fall in love, her work is that beautiful!

Two other images that highlighted color were the following...

Grace Project 365 August Color Contrast Christine Wright

by Christine Wright.
Greenscapes Photography

Christine showcased color contrast here in this image where the red raspberries catch our eye and the green grass recedes.  The center composition is a very nice touch here, making those raspberries the showcase of the image.

Grace Project 365 August Color Contrast Juliana Leschinsky

by Juliana Leschinsky
Juliana Leschinsky Photography

Juliana used color contrast to make the pink flower pop out of the green background.  The soft petals are romantic, and this image just screams pretty!

Gorgeous work with color!