In August we focused on Repetition.  We learned that repetition in an image creates depth by leading our eye through the frame, possibly even to the action in the image.  The Secret Picker chose to highlight Randi Brown Jacobs!

Grace Project 365 August Repetition Winner Randi Brown Jacobs

The Secret Picker said:  "The structural repetition here exemplifies the theme perfectly. The darker foreground leading to the brighter background provides great framing and helps to draw you into the image. Excellent choice in converting to black and white!"  Great image Randi and well deserved win!  

Two additional images with great repetition are the following...

Grace Project 365 August Repetition Kathy Davis Linford

by Kathy Davis Linford.
Linford Photography

The repetition of the tomatoes in Kathy's image is perfect.  It leads our eye around the frame and the pop of red against the green creates further depth.

Grace Project 365 August Repetition Christine Wright

by Christine Wright.
Greenscapes Photography

Christine's image is a classic example of repetition.  We have a strong line of the dock (with repeating lines in the decking) leading to the subject on the deck.  We then see three people in three kayaks in the water, and we can assume that the original subject will be joining them.

Great work!