In August we photographed our Season.  It meant that we were able to see the seasons around the world.  The Secret Picker was presented with so many wonderful entries, and the winner was Juliana Leschinsky!

Grace Project 365 August Seasons Part 3 Winner Juliana Leschinsky

The Secret Picker said: "What screams summer more than a fair?? I love this image, the way it exudes the feeling of a warm summer evening having fun. The sun flare is a fun little perk. I also admire that this was taken with a cell phone, proving that the best camera is the one you have on you!"  I could't agree more!  We can almost hear the music and the shrieks of delight in this image!  You can find more of Juliana's work at Juliana Leschinsky Photography.

Two more wonderful entries are the following...

Grace Project 365 August Seasons Part 3 Kathy Davis Linford

by Kathy Davis Linford
Linford Photography

If there is one flower that screams summer, it's the sunflower.  Kathy captured the filed of sunflowers at just the right moment, where the colors were vibrant and that setting sun glowed brightly.

Grace Project 365 August Seasons Part 3 Mary Becker Johnson

by Mary Becker Johnson
Mary C. Johnson Photography

If you have tried photographing butterflies, you will know how difficult it is to actually succeed.  Mary made it look easy here with this beautiful Monarch Butterfly.  She even incorporated color contrast in the image with lots of orange and blue.  

Great work, everyone!