In September, we focused our photography on places.  We were Tourists in our own hometown.  It meant slowing down to appreciate the everyday beauty around us.  The Secret Picker decided to highlight Michelle Wright!

Grace Project 365 September Be A Tourist Winner Michelle Wright

The Secret Picker said:  "I'm really drawn into this image.  The edit really enhances the moody look of the old structures.  All the detail in the textures of the walls the pattern of the railing give your eye something to see throughout the frame.  But, what really makes this image is the juxtaposition of the bright, cheery sunburst with the old, bearded man walking all alone, smoking a cigarette, eyes cast downward. "  Congratulations, Michelle!  What a moving image it is!  You can view more of Michelle's work at Michelle Wright Photography.

Two other Tourist images to highlight are fun and cheerful in nature...

Grace Project 365 September Be A Tourist Randi Brown Jacobs

by Randi Brown Jacobs.

Randi's image is a wonderful depiction of Chinatown in San Francisco.  The line of the cars and the road lead us into the image and down the hill.  All the colorful storefronts and decorations lead us around the frame and tell us that we are in Chinatown, with restaurants and Chinese letters etc.  The hot pink is a fun pop of color in the middle of the frame, and it appears that the lanterns go on and on.    

Grace Project 365 September Be A Tourist Kathy Davis Linford

by Kathy Davis Linford.
Linford Photography

What a fun summer image Kathy captured in a creative way!  Here we know that Kathy is playing tourist at a Carnival, at night, and Kathy used creative focus to make the image more artful and interesting.  All the colors pop against the night sky.

It was so fun to see all the tourist images this month!  Great work!