In September we photographed our Routine.  Everyone's routines were very different!  The Secret Picker highlighted Kathy Davis Linford.

Grace Project 365 September Routine Winner Kathy Davis Linford

The Secret Picker said: "This is such a fun image.  It's composed very nicely with the leading lines of the track taking your eye right to the strong focal point (of the boys doing push-ups).  The creative use of lens also brings the viewer's eye right to the center of interest. A black and white edit was a great choice in that it minimized the brightness/distraction of the lights to the left and bleachers in the background. This has a pleasing rule of thirds composition, and lastly, it nicely captures the kids' energy and school spirit. "  You can see more of Kathy's work at Linford Photography.  Great image, Kathy!  You created art out of a routine, and that is special!

Grace Project 365 September Routine Michelle Wright

by Michelle Wright.
MIchelle Wright Photography

Anyone with a child can "read" this image.  The little boy is learning to button his shirts and dress himself, something that becomes routine for us without thinking.  But at this point in his life, it takes effort and he is actually learning a routine.  Great work, Michelle!  I love how you interpreted the theme!

Grace Project 365 September Routine Randi Brown Jacobs

by Randi Brown Jacobs.

Randi presented a beautiful landscape image to showcase her routine.  Looking at the image, we know that Randi enjoys this view often, as it is a routine, and she takes the time slow down and appreciate it.  What a relaxing and enchanting thing to do at the Pool of Enchantment!