Color!  Color is so much fun to capture.  An image can be only about color, or color can be used to convey emotion or a story.  Each color has different meanings, and a story can result depending on its use.

14/52 - PURPLE

Purple is royal.  It is passionate and can range different emotions based on the amount of red or blue in it.  The more blue, the more calming.  While light purple is soft, dark purple is ominous and sad.  Purple is intelligent, luxurious, aloof, melancholic, feminine, fragrant, vain, solemn and artistic.  Purple's complimentary color is yellow.


15/52 - PINK

Pink is pretty.  It is romantic.  It is feminine, soft and gentle, like a baby girl.  It is a pale red, which brings joy, love and happiness.  


16/52 - BLUE

Blue is peaceful.  It is intelligent, trustworthy and wise.  It conveys faith, freedom, sincerity and cleanliness.  Think fresh water.  An interesting fact:  blue suppresses appetite!  Another interesting quality of blue is that it recedes.  So in an image, blue pulls away from the viewer.  Blue's complimentary color is orange.  


17/52 - RED

Red is commanding.  It is the color of an alert, a warning, fear and danger.  We see red exit signs, stop signs etc.  Red conveys love and passion, and power and attraction.  Red pops off the page, so unlike blue which recedes, red advances forward in an image.  Red's complimentary color is green.


Let's get colorful this month!  You can incorporate the color's meanings into the images, or you can let the color speak for itself.  

Please remember to post your images to the appropriate albums on Facebook no later than April 30, 2017.  The albums are located here:  14/52 Purple, 15/52 Pink, 16/52 Blue and 17/52 Red. I look forward to seeing your work.

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