In October, we photographed the color Yellow.  We had so many varying subjects, and it was fun to see everyone get creative with the color.  The secret picker chose Randi Brown Jacob's image to feature!

Grace Project 365 October Yellow Winner Randi Brown Jacobs

The secret picker said "Randi’s image is perfectly executed with what I think is a classic feel. Although it may seem to be a simple composition to capture, images of food look very unappealing if the lighting and angle isn’t exactly right. Here, the angle, light, matt reflection and shallow depth of field are spot on. I like that Randi didn’t feel the need to capture the whole plate and the whole lemon on the right. Perfect Randi!"  Beautiful food photography, Randi!  You made it all look so easy, and we all know it's not.

Two other Yellow images to showcase are the following...

Grace Project 365 October Yellow Michelle Wright

by Michelle Wright.
Michelle Wright Photography

Michelle's image is so romantic.  The pop of yellow is happy, and the water droplets make the flower feel fresh.  We can almost smell its tropical scent!

Grace Project 365 October Yellow Rebecca Wilson

by Rebecca Wilson.

What a creative way to capture the color yellow!  Rebecca thought outside the box and captured this fun image in an unexpected composition.  It certainly brightened everyone's day!