In October, we photographed the color Green.  Green is such a hard color in photography as it can take on a neon green color in certain light, but everyone did an amazing job with the color.  The secret picker chose to highlight Patti Smith's image.

Grace Project 365 October Green Winner Patti Smith

The secret picker said "So Patti made a huge effort to get this image by hiking up a canyon! This is a beautiful image. Leading lines take my eye to the lower third of the image then up the canyon. The pretty green moss and foliage was well captured with the lighting and shadows complementing the image. A moderate shutter speed was used which freezes enough of the motion to see the power of the falls, however the beautiful greenery pops and is the star of the show for me. Lovely work Patti!"  I couldn't agree more.  Patti did an amazing job with the composition and color in this image, and she had the added bonus of some great exercise!  Beautiful image, Patti.

Two additional images that showcase green well are as follows...

Grace Project 365 October Green Kris Jones

by Kris Jones.

What a fabulous image Kris captured.  We see a few Autumn leaves in focus surrounded by green moss, with beautiful green bokeh in the distance.  The image feels quiet and still, and we gather that summer might be lingering a little longer than expected.  

Grace Project 365 October Green Mary Becker Johnson

by Mary Becker Johnson.
Mary C Johnson Photography

This image that Mary captured is like a dream or memory.  The composition is strong with the line of the leaves leading into the frame, surrounded by all the green leaves.  The processing and colors are spot on, and we feel as if we are remembering a visit to a garden, or a vacation.  It's extremely soothing to view.  

Great work with green!