In October, we pushed color aside and focused on life in Black and White.  The secret picker chose to highlight the work of Christine Wright!

Grace Project 365 October Black and White Winner Christine Wright

"A wonderful image from Christine this week. The image shows mood and feeling. I feel like I’m actually there, at the scene – just peeking past the obstruction in front of me. This image has great contrast and many textures which translate well to black and white. And freelensed to boot! I love this image Christine!"  Congratulations Christine!  This is such a wonderful storytelling image.  You can find more of Christine's work at Greenscapes Photography.

Two very different black and white images to showcase are as follows:

Grace Project 365 October Black and White Juliana Leschinsky

by Juliana Leschinsky.
Juliana Leschinsky Photography

What a gorgeous portrait of a rose by Juliana.  The clarity on the flower makes it as if we can reach in and touch it, and the black and white gives it a timeless feel.  A beauty for sure!

Grace Project 365 October Black and White Kathy Davis Linford

by Kathy Davis Linford.
Linford Photography

Here Kathy presented a breathtaking landscape of the Tetons and String Lake.  The added reflection gives such interest; it's as if we are viewing a postcard!

Gorgeous work this month!