In November, we focused our attention on taking Portraits.  We learned that a good portrait tells us something about the subject without words.  The secret picker chose the image by Teresa Wagner Cerbolles to highlight!

Grace Project November Portrait Winner Teresa Wagner Cerbolles

The secret picker said ""I love the prospective of this photo. The leading lines really direct you to this little miss. I feel that this photo captures a little sass and fire in her soul. Beautiful composition and colours."  Great job Teresa!  This really shows her personality!

Two other portraits to highlight are the following...


Grace Project 365 November Portrait Rebecca Wilson

by Rebecca Wilson.

This environmental portrait by Rebecca is perfection.  We get a sense of place while the subject is at work.  He seems hesitant on having his photo taken, but he nonetheless just works away.


Grace Project 365 November Portrait Randi Brown Jacobs

by Randi Brown Jacobs.

I had to look twice at this image.  The artwork on the wall is so realistic, and it seemed as if the man was part of it.  What a great city image where we see that the man is actually trying to win a an instant scratch off game!  

It was really great to see the different types of portraits submitted this month!