In November, we focused our attention on taking Self-Portraits.  We learned that an effective self-portrait not only nails the how (with perfect focus, etc) but also the why (what do you want to say?).  We also learned that many photographers aren't as comfortable in front of the lens as they are behind it!  The secret picker chose to  highlight the self-portrait by Randi Brown Jacobs!

Grace Project 365 November Self Portrait Winner Randi Brown Jacobs

"When I look at this photo I can feel the warmth of the sun. The redwoods seem so grounding and reflective of what the artist said about the personal work she has been doing. A stunning capture that speaks to the soul."  I couldn't agree more.  We feel at peace, in the warm sunlight, having a zen moment in nature.  Great work, Randi!

Two more self-portraits to highlight are the following...

Grace Project 365 November Self-Portrait Audrey Jorsgensen

by Audrey Jorgensen.

This self-portrait is beautiful.  We get the impression that Audrey is a free spirit from the t-shirt while she is out in a gorgeous field with water behind her, wind in hair, but then the look on her face makes us realize that she is vulnerable too, perhaps not as much of the free spirit as she claims to be.  Simply stunning Audrey!

Grace Project 365 November Self-Portrait Mindy Kowieski Kerr

by Mindy Kowieski Kerr.
Nature Child's Photography

Honey I shrunk myself!  We've all been there where we wished we could have a super big large bath of coffee.  We get the sense of Mindy's humorous side here, as well as the fact that she's a mom.  While Mindy says the composite is not 100% complete, it still is perfectly Mindy, and we all got a good laugh from it!

Great work everyone.  I know getting in front of the camera wasn't easy, but you all did it wonderfully!

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