In November, we focused on taking a Selfless Self-Portrait.  We learned that it is an effective way to say something about ourselves in a symbolic way.  The secret picker chose to highlight Kathy Davis Linford's image.

Grace Project 365 November Selfless Self-Portrait Winner Kathy Davis Linford

"I love the symbolism of this photo. Life gets busy, we can get stretched thin but even in this state life can still be full of colour and beautiful.  If the stretch remains gentle it will always go back. Maybe not quite as it once was but that's growth. Stretch too far for too long and may just break - we should always keep mindful of that."  What an eloquent way to read this image, and I completely agree!  You can view more of Kathy's work at E Squared Designs.  

Two additional selfless self-portraits to showcase are the following...

Grace Project 365 November Selfless Self-Portrait Mary Becker Johnson

by Mary Becker Johnson.
Mary C Johnson Photography

This image by Mary is stunning.  While we get a glimpse of her, we see what looks like steam engulfing her, fogging the view, so that we can't completely see much, except we do see a hint of her face.  Its moving, and we get the sense of sadness, and some would even say that she's hiding, or even disappearing...  

Grace Project 365 November Selfless Self-Portrait Teresa Wagner Cerbolles

by Teresa Wagner Cerbolles.

What wonderful selfless self-portrait showing us that Teresa is thankful.  The colors indicate happiness, and the repetitive pumpkins and textures give us a warm feel of the season as well.  

Great work everyone!