In November, we tried to photograph a subject with Anonymity.  We learned that an anonymous portrait allows the viewer to step into the scene as if he or she is there, and as a result we can relate to the subject more.  The secret picker chose to highlight Michelle Wright!

Grace Project 365 November Anonymity Winner Michelle Wright

"When I look at this photo it reminds me of innocence and imagination. The lighting is stunning and I love the conversion to black and white. Am I the only one who started singing "The itisy bitsy spider"?"  I agree.  Michelle captured such a fun childhood moment that we all can relate to. You can view more of Michelle's work at Michelle Wright Photography.

Two additional images to highlight are the following...

Grace Project 365 November Anonymity Mary Becker Johnson

by Mary Becker Johnson.
Mary C. Johnson Photography

Wow!  Mary captured this moment at the exact right time!  We have no idea of who is in the photo, and we can step into the situation very easily as a result.  What a creative way to mask the identity of the subject, and I do hope he (or she) helped Mary clean up this mess!  It does look like it was fun to do, something we've all wanted to try.  

Grace Project 365 November Anonymity Audrey Jorgensen

by Audrey Jorgensen.

Completely opposite to the fun images by Michelle and Mary, Audrey's image (a self-portrait no less, in freezing cold water!) gives us a sense of peace, of wonder, and most strongly to me, of yearning.  We can easily step into this scene and ponder everything on our minds and yearn for what is beyond.  

Great work everyone!