In December, we worked on our perspective in an indoor setting.  We learned that by changing our perspective, we may not only get a nicer composition, but a stronger image as well.  The secret picker chose to highlight the image by Mary Becker Johnson!

Grace Project 365 December Indoor Perspective Winner Mary Becker Johnson

The secret picker said:  "Wow! What a creative perspective of this wine glass. We get the sense of the holidays and sparkle and all the dazzle that comes during the season. Who knew a simple glass could look so gorgeous. Lovely bokeh."  I agree!  When I see this image, I think of the sparkle of Christmas and New Years.  Cheers Mary!  You may find more of Mary's work at Mary C. Johnson Photography.

Two other images to highlight were more documentary in nature...

Grace Project 365 December Indoor Perspective Michelle Wright

by Michelle Wright.
Michelle Wright Photography

Michelle's perspective is wonderful.  She is low to the counter, but not eye level with the subject but instead a little above eye level.  It allows us to see down into the sink and all the bubbles below, and gives us a nice view of his profile.  The lighting is wonderful too, from in front of the subject, lighting him up, but keeping the background a little darker, highlighting him further.  

Grace Project 365 December Indoor Perspective Juliana Leschinsky

by Juliana Leschinsky.
Juliana Leschinsky Photography

Oh what a quiet moment this is!  Two "siblings" curled up fast asleep in the dark on what looks like a comfortable sofa.  The angle makes the dog appear way larger than the child, giving us a fun and different perspective.  

Great work everyone!