In December, we focused on changing our perspectives in an Outdoor situation.  We learned that we could do this in many ways, by moving our body, or we could zoom, or we could even more the camera and change from a horizontal crop to a vertical portrait oriented one.  The secret picker chose to highlight the image by Teresa Wagner Cerbolles.  

Grace Project 365 December Outdoor Perspective Winner Teresa Cerbolles

"This month was about being creative, about changing perspective to see something new. Teresa accomplished that and one step further with a composite: creating something that wasn't there, thru vision. Amazing! Also, this reminds almost of a memory and gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling reminiscent of holiday memories. Love!"  This image is gorgeous, and I love that Teresa got so creative with it.  Congrats, Teresa!

Two more images to highlight are the following...

Grace Defined 365 December Outdoor Perspective Kathy Davis Linford

by Kathy Linford.
E Squared Designs

This image was an immediate hit.  Kathy thought outside the box to transform a gorgeous sunset into pure art.  By shutter painting, the sunset was elevated into an atypical landscape and more a whisper of warmth and beauty, as if we are recalling the colors from a memory or a dream.  Simply gorgeous!

Grace Project 365 December Outdoor Perspective Michelle Wright

by Michelle Wright.
Michelle Wright Photography

At first glance, my immediate reaction was that I loved all the thick branches (lines) leading us to the center branches and the clouds beyond.  And then I learned that the image is a composite of two images, whereby she retained all of the information in it, eliminating blown highlights and noise in the shadows, and she created the picture perfect image.  Great work Michelle!