In December we focused on Perspective and how to change our perspective through using a different lens or freelensing.  We learned that different focal lengths make an image feel different, and they can also change the way something looks in a creative way.  The secret picker chose to highlight the work of Michelle Wright!

Grace Project 365 December Change Lens Winner Michelle Wright

"Michelle presented many different angles and different focal ranges but this wide angle one was dreamy! The composition is so strong with so many leading lines and eggs! Focus is superb and it's a great documentary image with a fun story. Great job!"  I definitely agree.  If you didn't know, Michelle spent a year using only a 100mm macro lens.  Just recently, she changed camera brands and invested in various lenses, including the one she used here.  She kept saying she missed her wide angle, and we are so glad she has it back.  Congrats Michelle!  This is such a fun image that you will cherish in the future!  You can view more of Michelle's work at Michelle Wright Photography.

Two more images to highlight are the following...

Grace Project 365 December Perspective Change Lens Kathy Linford

by Kathy Davis Linford.
E Squared Designs

Oh Kathy!  You have a way with flowers.  The focus on this parrot tulip is dreamy and the colors are divine.  Kathy used a Lensbaby sweet 35 to get the creative focus here.  We see just a bit of focus surrounded by soft, dreamy blur.  Beautiful art, Kathy!

Grace Project 365 Perspective Change Lens Juliana Leschinky

by Juliana Leschinsky.
Juliana Leschinsky Photography

What a fun image with a story!  A large dog, looking at a tiny village with tiny trees and trying to figure out what or who is in there!  Can he fit?  Do people actually live in those houses?  After all, it looks like the perfect place, a house with a chimney and a picket fence too!  Great work, and thank you for the laugh!