In December, we focused on Perspective and in particular we tried to capture Details.  We learned that details could be captured in various ways, even with a wide angle lens!  The secret picker chose to highlight the work of Audrey Jorgensen!

Grace Project 365 December Details Winner Audrey Jorsgensen

The secret picker said "wow, the emotion here is exquisite! Audrey thought outside the box and focused on emotional detail rather than a small item. The details in the subject's lashes are incredible, but it's the feeling we get while looking at this image that hits home, all because of the attention to detail in the emotion. Just beautiful!"  This image is beautiful, Audrey.  We get the feeling of being alone and vulnerable, and we hope that she is not sad!  Great job!

Two additional images to highlight are the following...  

Grace Project 365 December Details Mary Johnson

by Mary Becker Johnson.
Mary C. Johnson Photography

What a fun detail image of the holidays!  We know Santa and his reindeer are small, and those lights look so gorgeous behind him.   Very cute!

Grace Project 365 December Perspective Details Kathy Linford

by Kathy Linford.
E Squared Designs

Kathy chose a trumpet as her subject, and her shallow depth of field was such a good choice.  We can see all those little ridges, and we just want to reach out and touch them.

And that's a wrap for 2017.  Congrats to all members!