In May, we tried different focal lengths and used Long Focal Lengths in our imagery.  We learned that a long focal length can create separation between a subject and the background.  It also makes backgrounds appear closer than they are, while also making the background soft and dreamy.  Our secret picker decided on a favorite and the winner was... Michelle Wright!


In the secret picker's words:  "I actually stopped in my tracks (in a virtual sense) when I saw this image. The focus in the foreground led the viewers eye to the dreamy sunrise behind it. The soft orange tones in the image were beautiful and I wanted to be sitting on this beach!"  Absolutely stunning image created by Michelle.  Congratulations Michelle!  To view more of Michelle's work, please visit her at Michelle Wright Photography.

We had so many fabulous entries...

by Mindy Kowieski Kerr.
Nature's Child Photography

Mindy used a long focal length to make the squirrel pop out of the background.  What an adorable capture!

by Randi Brown Jacobs.

Randi used a long focal length to keep the foreground and trees in focus, with the background falling out of focus. It creates a soft and dreamy effect, and that lens flare is gorgeous!

by Christine Wright.
Greenscapes Photography

Christine chose a long focal length here which made her subject stand out against the trees in the background.  The trees appear to be very close, but the compression of the lens brought them forward while also softly blurring them.  It allows our eye to focus on Christine's subject, and then explore the entirety of the frame to learn a little about where she is.   

Wonderful images!