In May, we experimented with Specialty Lenses.  This included macro lenses and lensbaby and tilt shift lenses, and we also explored freelensing.  We learned to get creative and see in a new way.  Macro lenses allowed us to focus on the tiny details, while the specialty lenses allowed us to photograph a sliver of an image in focus.  Our secret picker had so many wonderful entries to consider, and the winner was... Christine Wright!

Our secret picker said:  "There were so many great entries for specialty lens but Christine's Lilac stood out for a couple reasons. The focus point on the lilac buds was incredibly sharp and if you have ever tried freelensing you know this is not easy to do. I believe Christine could teach a master class in it. The dreamy earthy tones of the background bring all the attention to the Lilac just ready to open!"  And it's true!  Christine is a master at freelensing and she makes it look so easy!  Maybe one day she will teach a course on it. (Hint, hint!) Congratulations Christine!  You can view more of Christine's work at Greenscapes Photography.

And like our secret picker said, there were so many wonderful entries.  Please take a moment to enjoy a few other wonderful entries...

by Kathy Davis Linford.
Linford Photography

Kathy's use of a lensbaby created a dreamlike, painterly image, with just a sliver of the image in focus.  The horse beautifully stands out against the dreamy background and sky.  

by Michelle Wright.
Michelle Wright Photography

Michelle used a macro lens to capture these little blossoms.  Her use of a shallow depth of field made the details in some of the buds pop out against a dream of blur.  

by Randi Brown Jacobs.

Randi used a lensbaby edge to create a sliver of focus on the laundry hanging out to dry.  It put the focus on that laundry while creating a soft, dreamlike image.  Great way to get creative with architecture and details!

by Ivana Doria Aiello.
Ivana Doria Photography

Ivana used a macro lens outside in gorgeous light to create a warm macro image, where we can almost feel that sunlight on us.  

Congratulations everyone!