We had an amazing April filled with cheerful Green images!  They were nurturing, calming and overall so spring like that it was a joy filled month.  The secret picker chose to highlight the work of Kathryn Bonorchis!

Grace Project365 Color Challenge April Green Winner Kathryn Bonorchis

The secret picker said “I really liked Kathryn Bonorchis's collage. Looking at it I recognized repetition of the circular shape in many of the subjects; also some repetition in the form of water and I liked how she spaced out the water drop images in the collage, it helped pull me around the collage. The square crop worked well with the images and she arranged them in a really pleasing way.”  Gorgeous collage, Kathryn!  I really hope you print this and hang it on your wall!

Two additional collages to share...

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge April Green Dannie Armstrong

by Dannie Armstrong.

Dannie's collage was nature personified!  Green is used as the subject, and also as the background color, with such purpose.  The inclusion of animals with it give us the sense of nature and of being outside in the fields.  I feel as if I see Dannie's everyday life right here in this collage, and it's a beautiful, calm, natural one!

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge May Green Terri Jankelo

by Terri Jankelow.
Terri J Photography

Green is such a restorative color, and I really enjoyed how Terri used it to convey that.  She used the color to show all principles of a healthy lifestyle, from sweet sayings that she actually found in green, to healthy foods and the like.  What a creative use of the color to compile principles of life!

And.... This month we have a runner up!  The secret picker had one more image to share...

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge Greta Soetchting Garcia

by Greta Soechting Garcia.

The secret picker said "My 2nd choice would be Greta Garcia's collage - I love that she picked a day in NYC to look for green, and the hints of green just popped out of the cement and concrete surroundings."  Greta had just hours in NYC in April, and she took the challenge of using them to find green in a city filled with people, cars, and concrete.  Very impressive!

Great job everyone!