August was sunny and happy as we shared bright, cheerful and energetic Yellow! We learned that Yellow is optimistic and energetic, honorable and loyal, and warm and bright. We had so many different entries, environmental portraits, macro of flowers, signs, etc. and the secret winner chose to highlight the work of Michelle Wright.

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge August Winner Yellow Michelle Wright

The secret picker said ““Michelle carries the color yellow through a story. She also shows that the same subject can be photographed in a different way. For example the yellow flower bunch sitting by the window: one you can clearly see the flowers setting by the window, and then again having the flower blurred against the window. Also how Michelle arranged three of the water images: one of the sunset, the other with the yellow backpack, and again in the background for the flowers. The diagonal arrangement of those three images caught my eye immediately. Also the macro image next to the sunset image works well; the blue background for the macro images is repeated in the waves. I think that this grid tells a wonderful story of her travels.” What wonderful observations! To see more of Michelle’s work, visit her at Michelle Wright Photography.

Two additional collages to highlight are as follows…

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge August Yellow Kathy Linford

by Kathy Linford.
eSquared Designs

Kathy shined in all different ways. We have beautiful macro images, we have creative blur images, and we have gorgeous portraits, all in yellow, all happy and vibrant and consistent in tone. And she threw in a little purple, yellow’s complementary color, which makes the yellow pop even more.

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge August Yellow Juliana Leschinsky

by Juliana Leschinsky.
Juliana Leschinsky Photography

Juliana created collage with such different subject matter. We have summery yellow flowers combined with summery yellow fun. Then Juliana added pops of everyday life and a special event... It makes for a fun, lively, fun filled yellow collage.

Great work everyone!