What a joy it was to see Red all month long during February!  We learned that Red is a color of love and passion, rage and anger, strength, energy, danger and power.  Red jumps out of the page, and the collages presented really made for bold color.  Members did a wonderful job photographing different things... some photographed events, some family fun, and others went more artful and creative.  The secret picker chose to highlight the work of Terri Jankelow!

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge February Red Winner Terri Jankelow

"It's so fun to see the entire collection of red collages in the Album...there's so much variety and wow, is red a gorgeous color! It's really great that there so many new photographers participating this year, but this has made it very difficult to select just one collage...there were so many standouts! But, "choose one" is the rule, so I've selected Terri Jankelow's collage of Ladies in Red at the Fair. I looked at the entire album several times throughout the month, and while I LOVED so many of the collages, I kept coming back to Terri's because it made me smile. Those ladies are all beaming their radiant smiles out to the viewer and look like they love being dressed up in their finery. I liked the variety of subjects, fabric textures, patterns & styles, details (like the ribbons), and the collage layout. I think this collection also very strongly portrayed a cohesive theme and thought that the limited palette with black and gold tones really made the red "pop". Terri made the fair look so fun to wander around.  Congratulations!"  Great work Terri!  You can find more of Terri's work at Terri J Photography.

Two more collages to showcase are very different in feel, but both beautifully red.

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge February Red Elizabeth Partin

by Elizabeth Partin.
Brown and Blue Photography

Elizabeth's collage is dreamy.  Each image is beautifully red and the subject matter pops forward out of the page.  The collage together makes for an artful array of creative images, where we get a glimpse of different subject matters.  From textures, to signage - and even the fruit! - each image is captured in a way to emphasize the red and bring our attention to it.  The barn image is stunning and I just want to see more!  

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge February Red Kathryn Bonorchis

by Kathryn Bonorchis.

Oh what a fun array of images that scream love!  We get a glimpse of Kathryn's life here and the things that bring her joy... her boys and her macro work.  Kathryn took the time to even get in the frame not once, but twice, with her feet warm in slippers to show the season.  The happiness these images provoke is contagious, and we know that there is a lot of love being shared here.    

It was a wonderful month!  Thank you to everyone who participated!