2018 is off to a great start!  We focused our attention to the color White in January, and we had so many wonderful white collages.  We learned that White is the color of new beginnings, of peace and tranquility and of purity.  Members did a really great job at capturing a variety of subject matters.  The secret picker chose to highlight the work of Mary Johnson!

Grace Project Color Challenge January White Winner Mary Johnson

"There were some really beautiful and creative submissions for white this month and this choice was really difficult for me, but in the end, I chose Mary Becker Johnson's collage. When I look at Mary's collage, I get an overwhelming sense of calm and peacefulness. There is a white, dreamy consistency to her editing that makes even a seashell seem perfectly at home on a snowy background. While her subject matter differs, each object and person is tied to the natural world and the overwhelming white backgrounds and soft edits pull them all together to tell a beautiful, winter wonderland story."   Gorgeous work, Mary!  You can find more of Mary's work at Mary C. Johnson Photography.

As we have done in the past, I also highlight the work of two additional people... and it was a really difficult decision because we had so many wonderful collages.

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge January White Eva Satell

by Eva Satell.
Eva Satell Photography

Eva's collage caught my eye because of the variety of subject matter, and how the color White contributed to the story of each image.  She incorporated both cold and warm weather activities in one grid, and it works!  Eva also chose to include images that are more fine art in feel, with others that are more documentary, and the combination really made for a beautiful and memorable collage.  We get the sense that even though it is cold, beauty and fun remain strong.  

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge January White Terri Jankelow

by Terri Jankelow.
Terri J. Photography

What a warm weather White collage!  Unlike others who were blessed with snow, Terri found herself at the beach this January and looked for signs of white. She succeeded!  Terri's collage reminds us that even at a warm weather location, we can find bits of white everywhere.  We get a sense of calm from the white, which is reminiscent of the beach, and it presents as a wonderful, serene and yet fun collage.  

And because we had so many wonderful entries, I'm including one more!

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge January White Teresa Wagner Cerbolles

by Teresa Wagner Cerbolles

Teresa really thought outside the box here!  Teresa explained that her collage started with a sugar cube and then that led to her photographing different textures.  We are presented with an array of different white textures that together make for a really gorgeous grid.  Who knew that popcorn and ice could be so beautiful! What a creative way to capture the color, Teresa!

It was a great month, and I look forward to February and the color Red.  Check out the blog for more information here and if you haven't already joined, please consider visiting the Grace Project here and join today!