July was peaceful with so much Purple!   We learned that Purple signifies power and ambition, but it is also peaceful, mysterious, luxurious, royal and extravagant, and all the different images showed this!  We had many different types of submissions and the winner of the month was Terri Jankelow!

Grace Project Color Challenge July Purple Winner Terri Jankelow

The secret picker said:  "I chose Terri Jankelow's collage. It was tough choosing a winner this month! Terri's collage stood out with the cohesiveness of the purples from a variety of different subjects. This month I personally found purple a difficult colour to spot, so it's fantastic how she was able to find this colour throughout an urban area."  Congrats Terri! What a fabulous collage of portraits, fun moments, street, and nature!  You can view more of Terri's work at Terri J Photography.  

Two other photographers to highlight...

Grace Project Color Project July Purple Juliana Leschinsky

by Juliana Leschinsky.
Juliana Leschinsky Photography

Juliana went bold with her purple and found it in all sorts of places.  To see such varied subject matter in the same bold tone is a feast to the eyes!  Also, a big congratulations to the 2018 graduate!


Grace Project Color Challenge July Purple Christine Wright

by Christine Wright.
Greenscapes Photography

Christine chose a light and airy feel to her purple.  The soft pastel tones make for a very peaceful collage where we want to reach in and smell the flowers.  The word "beautiful" just pops into my head when viewing these.  

Great work everyone!