June was a pretty month in the Grace Project with Pink collages everywhere. The secret picker chose to highlight the work of Dannie Armstrong!

Grace Project Color Challenge Pink Winner Dannie Armostrong

The secret picker said:  "Dannie's grid struck me immediately and emotionally. From the fading flowers and the muted edits, I felt a sense of nostalgia and calm with a touch of melancholy. I read her comment about her mother succumbing to Alzheimer's and fully understood the emotions that influenced these images. My sympathies and hope that memories plus photography help heal."  Dannie, we hope that you are finding peace in whatever way you need.  This grid was beautifully presented and very moving.  Congrats!

We also had a runner up this month... 

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge Pink Mary Johnson

by Mary Johnson.
Mary C. Johnson Photography

Mary's grid was also picked by the secret picker as a surprise!  The secret picker said:  "Mary's brought great joy and warmth. The tones match beautifully in a balanced grid."  This grid is pretty, peaceful and feminine.  

One last collage to highlight is the following:

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge Pink Christine Wright

by Christine Wright.
Greenscapes Photography


Christine's grid was artfully presented.  Not only are they beautiful, but they're almost little glimpses of summer, happy and cheerful, and we want to see more!

It was wonderful to see so many different ways of incorporating pink!