What a colorful March we had with all the Hot Pink submissions!  It was a cold and snowy March in New York, so the hot pink definitely was a fun break from the winter weather.  The submissions were varied, which is always nice to see, showing every person's voice and vision.  The secret picker chose to highlight the work of Michelle Wright!

Grace Project Color Challenge March Hot Pink Winner Michelle Wright

The secret picker said:  "I am choosing Michelle Wright's collage. Michelle embraced the "hot pink" theme with macro and street images. Her photos showcase hot pink with creativity, thoughtfulness, various perspectives, and strong leading lines. Well done, Michelle!!!"  I have to admit, every time I see this set, I smile.  I adore the fine art feel, along with the street photography.  And that pig!  The pig gets me every time.  Wonderful work, Michelle!  You can see more of Michelle's work at Michelle Wright Photography.

Two other collages to highlight are the following...

Grace Project Color Challenge March Hot Pink Greta Soechting Garcia

by Greta Soechting Garcia.

Greta had 18 hours in New York City, and she discovered a bunch of hot pink here.  Most people would assume that NYC only consists of grey cement, but indeed we have color pops everywhere.  And boy do they stand out!  Greta found them in all different places, and used the hot pink in all different ways... sometimes the hot pink is the subject of the image, sometimes it's the background (as in a store window) and Greta even used hot pink lighting to surround a subject!  Great work, Greta!


Grace Project Color Challenge March Hot Pink Kathy Linford

by Kathy Linford.
E-Squared Designs

Oh Kathy!  What a beautiful fine art collage!  Once again we are presented with fine art macro images, mixed with a little street photography too.  Kathy even included some abstract images which add a layer of fun to the collage.  This collage is so cheerful and energetic; I can stare at it and feel good.  

Great work with Hot Pink!

And we are now 1/4 of the way through the year long color challenge!