May was a wonderful month with really creative Blue collages!  They were calm, and serene, and in their own way screamed freedom.  The secret picker chose to highlight the work of Juliana Leschinsky!

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge May Blue Winner Juliana Leschinsky

The secret picker said:  “I’m going to go with Juliana’s... I got a solid sense of just "blue" looking at it. Juliana's collage is strong here because her shades of blue are very similar. I also like how clean it is, with interesting lines, shapes, repetition, and framing.”  I couldn't agree more. Juliana had repetition not only within the images, but she repeated similar subjects too... in different ways... the dogs, the signs, etc.  It was also nice to see city mixed with non-urban images.  Great job!  To see more of Juliana's work, please visit her here.

Two more collages to highlight are as follows:

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge May Blue Audrey Jorgensen

by Audrey Jorgensen.

Audrey focused on landscapes in order to capture Blue this month.  The blue adds such a serene feel to the images.  The reflections, the wildlife, and the wooden barn and buildings are nice details amongst the blue as well.  

Grace Project 365 Color Challenge May Blue Mary Johnson

by Mary Johnson.
Mary C. Johnson Photography

Mary's collage was such a nice surprise.  It used Blue in so many ways, some of which are unexpected, adding a fun perspective to it.  The mix of the different environments works so well too!