It’s December (a/k/a the last month of our color project)! It has been a wonderful year searching for color and training eyes to see it in all sorts of places. During this last month of the project, we will be photographing the color Brown.


Brown is a warm color. It is the color of our earth’s soil and is associated with “all natural” and “organic”. As such, it is comforting and nurturing. It is stable, reliable and dependable. Brown triggers your appetite! But it also makes you feel whole, stable and at peace. We are relaxed and warm with brown, and we feel as if we fit in.

Please remember to post your collages to the appropriate album no later than December 31, 2018. The album is located here: December 2018.

And a little thank you…

This is our last month together. It was a wonderful year exploring color, and I thank everyone who participated, however much, or however little. It was a colorful year, and I loved every second of it! For those who participated for three years in a row, it’s been a TON of fun getting to know not only your work, but also you. I’ve made some dear friends here and I’m truly grateful!

Good things are to come next year, I promise!

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