In July, we will be focusing on the color Purple!  Why? you ask.  Because my daughter has always loved the color purple.  She used to say "dark color is my favorite color.  Not light purple.  Dark purple."  All of her friends would repeat it.  Today, she loves all shades of purple, so long as they aren't too pink.  I give her a lot of credit for sticking with what she loves!  Most kids change their mind often, but she has loved this color for as long as she could speak.  So in honor of her, and the fact that July is her birthday month, let's all show her your purple!  

Denise Laurinaitis Grace Project Color Challenge July Purple

Purple is royal, noble, luxurious and powerful.  It symbolizes ambition.  It represents wealth and extravagance.  It is also associated with creativity, wisdom, devotion and pride.  Its a color of peace.  Purple is mysterious, independent and magical.  Purple also affects the mind and body:  it is calming to the nerves and mind; it creates feelings of spirituality; it uplifts one's spirits; it increases nurturing tendencies and sensitiviy; and it is encourages imagination and creativity. Different shades of purple have different meanings.  Light purple is feminine, delicate and romantic.  It's graceful and elegant.  Dark purple is gloomy, sad and frustrating.  Bright purple is rich and royal.  Lavender is considered a grown-up pink!  

Let's see your purple this month all month long!

Please remember to post your collages to the appropriate album no later than July 31, 2018.  The album is located here:  July 2018.

I'm looking forward to another great month!

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