Depth.  There are many ways to create depth in an image.  In August, we will explore a few of them.

31/52 - LINES

Lines are a great way to add depth.  They lead into the frame, and all around the frame, giving the viewer a sense of space and depth.  


In the above image, the diagonal lines lead us through the frame to the bridge and beyond.  The horizontal lines lead us across the frame.  And the lines of the buildings give us a sense of their height in relation to where the photograph is being taken.

32/52 - PATTERNS

Patterns are another way to gain depth.  They can be repetitive, or of different sizes.  


In the above image, the repeating patterns of the leaves give us a sense of depth.  Some are brighter (with more light hitting them) than others (where the light can't reach).  The lighter colored one pops out to us as a result.  


We can accomplish contrast with color as well.  Back in April, we focused on a few colors where we remembered that each color has a complimentary color.  

Red - Green

Orange - Blue

Yellow - Purple

We also learned that warmer colors (red, orange yellow) move forward in the frame and cooler colors (green and blue) recede.  Purple can go both ways... If there is more red in the purple, it could move forward; more blue, it will recede.


In this image, the red dress pulls our eye, while the green recedes.  However, tension is created because while red pulls forward, the subject is moving away.  We get the sense that something is wrong, or urgent, in her needing to walk away.


Repetition is another way to create depth and lead into the frame.  It can be repeating lines or patterns; it could be the inclusion of more than one subject standing in a way that repeats and leads to the action.

If you look back at the leaf image above, there is repetition in the leaves leading to the one small brighter green one.


In the above image, we have the repeating lines of the rails leading to the bike, with repeating circles side by side.  We also have repeating floor tiles leading us to the bike.  And if you look carefully, see that pop of red?  As you can see, we can include all of these things all in one image! In fact, if you scroll back up and look at each of these images again, you might see more than one of these techniques utilized!

35/52 - SEASONS PART 3

And because we are in a new season, let's see yours!


I hope you found this information helpful.  Please remember to post your images to the appropriate albums on Facebook no later than August 31, 2017.  The albums are located here:  31/52 Lines, 32/52 Patterns, 33/52 Color Contrast, 34/52 Repetition and 35/52 Seasons Part 3

I look forward to seeing your work.  

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