The World is a beautiful place!  In July, we will take our time to enjoy it and photograph all different aspects of it.  


Landscape photography is a genre in itself.  It is a wonderful way to get outside and appreciate the world in which we live.  For landscapes, generally it's advisable to use a smaller aperture.  I usually start around f/11 and adjust my shutter speed and ISO accordingly.  As a result, your shutter speed may be slow, so be sure to use a tripod.  Set your metering mode to evaluative (where it meters off the entire scene, rather than spot metering).  Focus on an area about 1/3 of the way into the frame and then switch your lens into manual mode so that the focus, in effect, locks.  Take a picture.  Check focus by zooming in on the picture on your LCD screen.  You may then need to manually fine tune the focus.  Once you learn this technique, it gets easier each time!  Generally landscape photographers use wide angle lenses, but you can also use a telephoto lens for a distant scene.

28/52 | FLOWER

Flower photography also is a genre in itself.  As you can imagine, there are all different ways to capture them, with all different types of lighting and lenses.  You can take a wide angle image of a field of wildflowers, or a close up macro of the finest details of pollen.  Just be sure to consider your light so that you don't lose any details, unless of course you intentionally want to get more creative!  One thing that is really nice about flowers is that compositionally, you can change them.  I often flip my images horizontally (and sometimes vertically) to create a more compositionally pleasing image.

29/52 WATER

Water is a fun subject to capture.  Whether it's a wide ocean view, or a spray of a sprinkler, water is a huge part of our world!  Please remember to consider your lighting. For a spray of a sprinkler, you'll want the light to hit that water so that it sparkles in the air.  An ocean view takes on different colors depending on the time of day and lighting.  


Let's get creative this month and pick a subject matter that appeals to you!  For my image, I chose to focus on light flare, and specifically I tried to capture that rainbow in camera...

I hope you found this information helpful.  Please remember to post your images to the appropriate albums on Facebook no later than July 31, 2017.  The albums are located here:  27/52 Landscape, 28/52 Flower, 29/50 Water and 30/52 Photographer's Choice.

I look forward to seeing your work.  

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