In recent weeks, more and more people have told me that they're enjoying my street work.  I showcase it weekly on Instagram, but I don't update my website often enough.  As a result, I decided to start a blog dedicated to it!  Welcome to my first street blog post!  

I recently spent a few days with a friend who was visiting New York City.  We walked over thirty miles in four days, and we photographed all different places.  Here's the Oculus!  While I have the traditional Oculus images, I tried to get a little more creative with a different crop.


I then focused on the people within the Oculus... This is probably my favorite!


I love that it seems as if the police officers are posing for me!  I saw them standing there and snuck the image... but I do think I was discovered!  

Next, I saw a spot of light and I waited.  I wanted a well dressed person to walk into my frame, and voila! My sharp dressed man...


I find that when I shoot street, I have to be patient.  I find a location and I wait for the right piece of action to occur.  

And I couldn't leave the Oculus without a couple of images outside...


The Oculus is located downtown at the Word Trade Center site.  In Memorium.